Re-Engineering Tech Worker Apathy

From Seattle Weekly‘s Ellis Conklin: Electoral data from the 7th District would seem to back up Hartmann’s frank assessment of tech-worker apathy […]  That’s because the electorate in Queen Anne and Magnolia are older and vote in much greater numbers,…

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Breaking non-news: the Seattle-Tacoma Metro is growing

Hey Washingtonians, the Census has some total non-news for you: the Seattle area is growing! Gasp! Washington grew nearly twice as fast (+1.3%) as the national rate (+0.7%) between 2013 and 2014. Washington’s population growth was driven by the Seattle-Tacoma…

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Seattle-population-growth Cropped

FAST DATA: Seattle’s downtown boom

I’m crunching some numbers on Seattle population growth by neighborhood since the 2010 Census. Of the 93 I indexed, 92 have gained population. Fifteen, almost all of them core areas, have gained more than 10% population, with the fastest-growing neighborhood…

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How I-594 bridged the urban-suburban divide

A bipartisan legislature in Olympia couldn’t get background checks passed, but bipartisan agreement among the people finally did. Washington’s successful gun control ballot measure (I-594), which requires background checks on all gun sales, was enthusiastically supported by liberals, but it…

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FAST DATA: Gun control in King County

Here’s a map on I-594 (gun control) for King County.  88% Yes in Seattle, 76% in Bellevue, 75% in Redmond, 73% in Kirkland. It’s a lot of pro-gun control green, although it’s also a reminder that there’s some rural living…

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