Sawant wins…but socialist revolution dims in Seattle

Note: This is the published title…although not what I would have titled it!

For supporters of socialist firebrand Kshama Sawant, last Tuesday was a night of triumph. Early ballot returns showed Sawant leading her opponent Pamela Banks by a margin of 52.6 to 47.1 percent, and ballots from last-minute voters were expected to push Sawant’s margin up. Her re-election was secured.

The decisive margin, which has since risen to 55.5 to 44.3 percent, was the product of grueling work. Phalanxes of volunteers knocked on doors, pamphleted festivalgoers, and rice-papered light poles. The result showed that Sawant is here to stay in District 3. But more quietly, it’s also a big disappointment for Sawant and her movement. Without the passage of Seattle Districts Now in 2013 — that is, if she’d had to run citywide — Sawant probably would have lost on Tuesday.

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